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M Price Asphalt Paving Services

M Price Asphalt provides our customers with top-notch chip sealing, asphalt seal coating, parking lot asphalt paving, concrete driveways, and concrete work.

Asphalt Paving Services
M Price Asphalt Paving ServicesM Price Asphaltdoes all types of  asphalt paving for Driveways, Walkways, Parking Lots etc. Asphalt has been used extensively for paving and road construction, and is highly regarded for its excellent water proofing and flexibility, and can withstand punishing traffic and weather. The strength of asphalt is directly related to the overall pavement design, from the compacted base, up to the surface of the asphalt, and we maintain strict standards in all aspects of your project.

Chip Sealing Services
M Price Asphalt Paving ServicesM Price Asphalthas expertise in Tar & Chip Sealing, a less expensive alternative to Black Top or Concrete. Tar & Chip Paving (which is also referred to as chip sealing), is very similar to asphalt, as it is a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement, liquid A/C (or hot tar if you prefer) as a binder and gravel as the main structural component. Unlike asphalt, which is premixed at an asphalt plant, the components are delivered separately and mixed on the jobsite. Chip Sealing offers a lot of advantages:

Commercial Services
For parking lots, street paving, airstrips, striping, curbing and more, M Price Asphalt is the one to call. We have extensive experience in small and large projects.

Farm and Ranch Services
M Price Asphalt specializes in serving farm and ranch needs. We can turn dirt and gravel drives and property roads into all weather surfaces with tar and chip sealing paving. Tar and Chip Sealing is cooler and provides more traction. It is a much easier surface for livestock to walk on.

We operate in Texas year round.

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Serving All of Texas

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